Rob Hayter is unequivocally one of the most professional, dynamic and creative stunt coordinators I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Rob always thinks outside the box but is constantly aware of how things will photograph. He has the kind of inherent understanding for cinematography that can’t be learned. It’s clear Rob loves what he does and that passion shows up on screen every time. He’s also diligent when it comes to safety. The entire set feels confident when Rob’s running the show. But I think Rob’s greatest quality may be his attitude — he approaches everything with such enthusiasm, it’s positively infectious. 
— ~ Ildy Modrovich EP Lucifer 
I think that @robhayter created one of the best shots we’ve ever done on #lucifer.
— Tom Ellis (actor, Lucifer)
Rob is easily one of the best stunt coordinators in the film industry today.  He has excellent communication skills, respect for his performers and crew, a perfect safety record, acceleratoric talent, and true enthusiasm for his work.  
— - Kirk Caouette - Award winning Director, Writer (Asura, Hit 'n Strum) 20yr veteran stuntman/stunt coordinator/fight coordinator
Rob Hayter did fantastic work for us on Lucifer. He was smart, efficient, took input well and made sure the tone of the fight/stunt fit the drama or comedy of the moment. It was a true pleasure working with him.
— - Joe Henderson, Showrunner: Lucifer
Rob Hayter is an extraordinary storyteller. Whether it’s stunt coordinating, fight choreography, stunt performing or even acting and directing, Rob’s focus is always on telling the story and telling it well. I’ve had the immense pleasure of knowing Rob for many years and working with him on numerous projects. He never ceases to amaze me with his passion and his infectious positivity. No matter what the scenario, if Rob Hayter is involved, the people around him feel elevated. He leads by example, and he is fearless and relentless in his pursuit to tell the greatest story possible, in any situation. This is simply because, well... Rob Hayter is an extraordinary storyteller.
— - Ryan Robbins - Actor (Warcraft, Falling Skies, Arrow, Sanctuary)
Rob is the consummate professional.  He understands what the client is trying to achieve and uses his expertise and skill to make it happen.  He is always very conscientious about safety and is well respected by all who have the opportunity to work with him.  On top of that, he has the most amazing personality - even tempered, considerate and attuned to everything around him.
— Tamara Poirier - Managing Director - Animatrik Film Design
I have worked with Rob numerous times, and every time I see his name on the call sheet or am told by production that he is the coordinator, I have a huge smile and a sigh of relief… His professionalism, knowledge of his craft, and how he communicates are the key ingredients to making an actor feel safe,.”
— - Aleks Paunovic - Actor, Producer
Over my 16-year career as a stunt performer and actor, I have flat-out NEVER worked with anyone more invaluable to our business than Rob Hayter. As a performer, he was always known for his superlative ability and attitude, and as a coordinator he has unerringly exhibited the utmost in competence, diplomacy, foresight, and overall leadership. Rob is quite simply one of the best in the world, and I’ll put my a— on the line for him anytime, anywhere,
with complete confidence that both it and all the necessary bases are going be covered. 
— - Paul Lazenby - Actor, Stunt Performer, Author,
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Rob over the past several years on BC Stunt Committee initiatives.  Rob is always highly professional, organized, respectful and has strong communication skills.   He is a solution based thinker that can be relied upon to make educated and well considered decisions about the safety and best interests of the BC stunt community.  Rob is a natural leader and a pillar of strength that I hold in the highest esteem.
— Lori Stewart, Health & Safety, Performer Advocate for UBCP/ACTRA
“I always look forward to doing action sequences with Rob Hayter. He’s fun, smart, passionate and always keeps the bleeding to a minimum.” 
— Peter DeLuise - Very, Very Famous self-described Movie Maker, Actor, Director, Producer, Writer.
“Rob is the consummate professional. He is creative, yet safety is always paramount for him. He communicates and liaises effectively with everyone involved, and is always a pleasure to work with on our productions.”
— Doug Brons - PM (UnREAL, Mistresses, Endgame)
Rob is always a positive presence on set, a good communicator, safety conscious, and a creative contributor. His rehearsals and pre-viz sessions are highly productive and he brings calm professionalism to set at all times. 
— - Mick MacKay - 1AD (Lucifer, Timeless)
Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with a number of stunt coordinators. Of them all, Rob is by far one of the most organized, and always shows up with a set plan in mind. Not only does this make for seamless execution of the gags, but it makes it much easier for the crew and cast to get on the same page as well. 
— Colin Decker - Stunt Department Coordinator (Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow)
I have worked with Rob Hayter over the years on many occasions and have the greatest respect for him. Rob brings with him a demeanor that inspires a quiet confidence. Always prepared, always efficient, and demonstrating a quality of work that is the equal to any of his contemporaries, Rob uses great communication skills to inspire a strong sense of team work and collaboration, all the while insuring a safe working environment, and achieving all that is asked of him and his highly professional stunt team.
— Grizz Salzl - Camera / Steadicam Operator and Sergeant At Arms for IATSE 669
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob Hayter as a stunt coordinator and I can, without a doubt, attest to his professionalism and great attitude. Rob is able to work with production in terms of budget, while providing a safe and supportive environment to the cast and stunt performers on set and achieving a professional result.  Rob is a true pro and I would recommend him to any show, anytime, anywhere.”
— Robyn Wiener - Producer - Synergy Cinema Inc.
I have worked with Rob for over 12 years, as a fight choreographer and stunt coordinator. We have worked on 6 shows full time together. He has great people skills , plenty of experience, is safe, and will deliver a good product. I would recommend him to producers.
— Marshall Virtue - Stunt Coordinator (The 100, Sanctuary, Tin Man)
I have worked with Rob Hayter for more than 15 years now, both for him as a Stunt Coordinator and he for me as a Stunt performer. As a Coordinator, Rob is a consummate professional. His abilities and mannerisms on set are second to none. Here is a man who can run a set with clarity and confidence. He is truly a pleasure to work for. He is a credited and talented Martial artist who carries himself with the honor, humility and the values of a Shaolin Monk. Rob is truly a talented performer and a gentleman Coordinator. He is a joy to have out, and an honor to work for.
— Gaston Morrison - Stunt Coordinator/Hard Knox Stunts