Photo: Kyle Cassie Photography

Rob Hayter is a 27-year veteran of the Film and Television industry. His years of professional experience as a Stunt Coordinator, Fight Coordinator, Stunt Performer, Actor, and Director have given him a unique and diverse perspective to draw from. Over the last 27 years, he has literally been a part of hundreds of creative teams, spanning everything from feature film and television to indie film and motion capture. This broad range of experience makes him particularly functional and effective as a Stunt Coordinator, and has provided him with a wealth of professional resources within the film and television community.

Over the years, Rob has developed a reputation for being a “solution-oriented” Stunt Coordinator - a consummate professional, who is able to create exceptional product in any and all creative and budgetary scenarios. He has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to combine effective communication, on-set experience, technical knowledge and creativity to achieve exceptional results. By combining these qualities with effective time management and a keen eye for safety, Rob is able to provide both a high quality product, and a safe and supportive environment for his performers.

“Rob is the consummate professional. He is creative, yet safety is always paramount for him. He communicates and liaises effectively with everyone involved, and is always a pleasure to work with on our productions.”
— Doug Brons - PM (UnREAL, MIstresses, Endgame)